Be Prepared for Winter!

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Winter Is Coming!

That phrase always makes me think of Game of Thrones now, but it is most definitely true.  Summer is over, Fall is here and Winter is next. Are you prepared for all that Winter brings? 

Think about this: what is your plan if the power goes out for a few hours? For the whole night? All weekend? What if this happened on the coldest night of the year?

Are you prepared to stay at home for 72 hours without electricity or running water? 

Be prepared at home.

Pack a survival kit! The basics for home include food and water for everyone in the family to last for at least 3 days, flashlight and batteries, first aid kit (of course!), radio, and cash (and that’s just to start!)

And don’t forget the extras you’ll need if there are babies at home (diapers, formula, wipes, baby food, etc) or pets (pet food and supplies) or any medications or medical supplies for anyone with special needs. Do you have any kids in the house?  Pack away a couple special games or activities that only get pulled out during a power outage to keep them entertained.

Bonus points — Have your own generator (you’ll be the envy of your neighbours when they’re sitting in the dark and you’re still enjoying your movie and popcorn)!

Be prepared on the road.

Winter Tires! Before the first winter storm hits you should probably check out your car (and that includes remembering to switch to those winter tires BEFORE the first big snow fall).  Inspect your wiper blades, test your battery, top up/change your fluids, and check your emergency kit.  What should be in this kit? Well a blanket is good for winter, candles and matches, high energy snacks, water, gloves, duct tape (always an essential item!), flashlight, first aid kit, booster cables, tow rope, multi function tool and a road flare or reflective triangles.  What about that gas tank?  Do you think it’s a good idea to keep it near empty? Aim to always keep it above half.  And for anyone wearing heels in the winter — keep flat boots in your vehicle (you’ll never regret that decision!).

I can’t tell you everything here, but I can hope that you’ll start to think about it and the next step after that is you start to Be Prepared.

Start today by making your emergency preparedness action plan!

There are a ton of great resources out there to help you prepare for the worst.  Once you’re prepared you don’t have to worry when you see the storm warnings on the radio.  You can be happy knowing that you’ve taken care of your family.

Make a plan:

Buy a kit:


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