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Date(s) - 24/11/2019
10:00 am - 4:00 pm

Be Prepared - 213A Front St


Refill Your Cup

Refill Your Cup

Life is tiring. Juggling family, work, friends…sometimes we can feel like we don’t know what to focus on first! Are you familiar with that overwhelming feeling of having multiple things on the go and just not being able to catch up? You give more and more and more of yourself and pretty soon you’re feeling depleted. Can you relate? Do you pour from your own cup to take care of everyone around you, over and over again, without taking the time to notice that your cup is running empty and needs a refill too?


Sometimes we try little things to feel better – a night out with a friend, an afternoon at the spa – but it’s never enough.  “Monday” comes and you’re right back to feeling drained again.  Sometimes it can feel like there’s a hole in your bucket and it doesn’t matter how many times you tell Dear Liza about the hole in the bucket, it just never gets patched up!!


It’s time to refill your cup and learn how to KEEP your cup full.


The Canadian Red Cross has developed a unique program that delves into the heart of the self-care depletion cycle and helps you re-establish, from the ground up, new habits and tools to help you understand and effectively deal with the inevitable stress, loss, trauma, and grief that comes with being human. This course teaches you how to build resiliency and develop your personal protection strategies to improve your overall wellness.

Join us for a day of rejuvenation, inspiration, and transformation.



Investment in Yourself: $99
Worth: Priceless.



Refill your cup. It’s not a luxury, it’s essential.
What will this workshop include?


* Discover a balanced approach to self care
*Red Cross Psychological Self Care Online course Access
*Card Making workshop – create two beautiful cards to take home
* Coffee and assorted refreshments and snacks will be provided for the morning and afternoon
*Personal stress assessments (daily and cumulative)
*Develop a self-care plan and take home your very own, fully stocked self-care tool box.



Registrations are closed for this course.