Emma Travis
Founder, Owner & Operator Instructor

After graduating in 2010 with her Honours Bachelor Degree in Health Sciences (BHSc), Emma started teaching first aid with the Canadian Red Cross, and opened Be Prepared in the following year. Modelling resiliency and self-reliance, Emma has continued to make thoughtful and intentional choices, year after year, both for herself and others in the business community, and has grown this small solo enterprise into the successful Canadian Red Cross Training Partner that it is today. As Owner and Operator, Emma carefully chooses her staff to reflect the informed, empathetic, and prepared traits that that her business values. 

Emma teaches the bulk of the classes at Be Prepared and is widely remembered for connecting with people via humour and always encouraging people to always do their best. Her background in the field of health sciences gives her a detailed perspective of human health and anatomy. and to stay current with the practical application of her first aid skills, Emma volunteers with our local Ski Patrol unit. In addition, she frequently holds community events to help others in our downtown core learn about essential emergency lifesaving measures. Emma demonstrates open-hearted caring by making environmentally sustainable choices and providing a judgement-free space that regularly welcomes people who are experiencing difficult life situations and provides them with access to positive and useful information about optimizing their health. ,An artist at heart, Emma’s hobbies include playing piano, crafting, and singing. 

More than just a business owner, Emma is making our community a better, safer, kinder place, by teaching people how to Be Prepared for life.


Tamara George
Sales & Marketing Manager
Office Manager

Tamara joined Be Prepared in 2018 with a background in healthcare, childcare, and business.  Tamara is an enthusiastic team player with natural leadership abilities and a knack for organizing ideas and developing concepts. Always open to expanding her skill set, Tamara enjoys attending workshops and conferences and learning how to take plans and turn them into purposeful action. As an excellent problem solver, Tamara  has a history of working tirelessly until her efforts pay off. Tamara loves throwing herself into charitable work and routinely fundraises for various local and international relief organizations. As a complimenting balance to the more structured organization of her office work at Be Prepared, Tamara also leans into her natural intuition as a doula and Reiki practitioner.


Robert Brett
First Aid Instructor, Emergency Preparedness Expert

Growing up on a local rural farm, Rob developed an interest in self-sustained living early on.  In our modern society so many of us are accustomed to the relative luxury of access to hydro, water, and convenient grocery stores on any given day. Then, when a man-made or natural disaster occurs, we can be left woefully unprepared to survive on our own. Robert’s insight into life-saving preparations add a unique value to his First Aid classes that you won’t want to pass up! He has taken his passion for preparedness and started offering special emergency preparedness workshops, so that whether you’re a novice prepper or have been practicing independent living for some time, you will leave feeling richer in knowledge and empowered to make your own self-governing decisions about the type of life you want to live.Rob graduated in 2008 with his Honours Bachelor of Arts in Law, and had a drive to help people become more financially autonomous. For the past several years he has practiced credit counselling and offered debt consolidation advice, coaching individuals towards a more cohesive, and holistica lifestyle of preparedness.A self-proclaimed history buff, Rob enjoys travelling with his wife and two young children and visiting significant landmarks across the UK, Mexico, Canada, and the United States.


Chantelle Edmunds
Children’s Program Instructor
First Aid Instructor
N95 Mask Fit Technician

As a lifeguard & swim instructor for over 15 years, Chantelle developed an interest in sharing her first aid knowledge with the community. She
attended UBC and attained a Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics. She worked both indoor at pools & outdoors at beaches and waterparks around Vancouver. Her family now enjoys life by the bay in Trenton, and she’s excited to work with everyone at Be Prepared!


Keira Travis
Office Support Staff

An extremely hard-worker with exceptional organizational skills, Keira has been the perfect person to step in and keep things running smoothly at different points as her schedule allows. Keira has strong customer service skills and highly focused attention to detail, a must-have skill when dealing with important documents!


Mary Read
Office Support Staff

As an intern from the Girls Inc. Job Placement Program, Mary’s compassionate, others-focused personality coupled with her can-do attitude is a welcome asset to the Be Prepared team. Mary is a hard-worker who has a strong desire to help others and her heart for service will open many doors for her as she continues to gain valuable work experience.