Be Prepared, an Authorized Canadian Red Cross Training Partner offers
First Aid & CPR + Health & Safety Training.

All courses comply with Federal and Provincial legislation.

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  • Get your Certification in half the class time!
  • Start Online at Home at your own pace
  • Complete your hands on training in class with our incredible instructors
  • WSIB approved!

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Is your child ready to learn to
Safely Stay Home Alone?


  • Need help getting ready for your child’s steps towards independence with no or minimal adult supervision?
  • Cyber safety, people safety, kitchen safety, emergencies and much more.

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Our Clients Say it Best

  • Emma told me it was natural to be intimidated and gave me so much confidence in the training that I’m less daunted by the prospect of CPR. She knew so much more than the slides and textbook could give us and gave personal stories so we would connect with the material as well. No question was too dumb, no procedure could be done enough. Will see you again when I re-certify!–Gabrielle

  • “Good games.” “Hands on experiences with partners is fun.” “Easily understood” “Very Educational and interesting” “Informative + involved” “Great course” “Very informational and Friendly” “Learned a lot from this training and would recommend to others as it is a good course to take and skills you can benefit from knowing and use in any situation” “Great First Aid + CPR Class!” “Very informative. Good interpersonal skills” “Awesome! Lots of helpful tools! Strongly recommend!” “Very well informed, spoke at a nice pace–Course Participants from META

  • I was very impressed how Emma presented the course. She handled herself in a very proffessional manner. Well done Emma!–Bill Smith, PDA Red Cross

  • Informative! Much better textbook than other CPR/First Aid Courses (Heart Safe). Thank you!–Course Participant from META

  • Very informative! Nice casual setting! See you again in 3 years when I need re-certification.–Course Participant from META

  • Overall the course was excellent. I have taken numerous courses in the past and this particular course was most knowledgeable to myself.–Dave

  • Excellent training course. I feel quite confident I could function appropriately in an emergency situation at work–Jane

  • Very pleased with instructor and her methods of teaching. Comfortable and friendly.–April

  • Very relaxed atmosphere created, making it easy to learn.–Course Participant

  • Instructor was very knowledgeable with a good humour (taught a couple of things I never knew). A good class.–Course Participant

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